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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce


I love stories.  That’s probably why I majored in English and decided to teach stories for a living.  For one, it’s what binds us as humans.  It creates a collective experience, a shared understanding.  While I could list off numerous favorite stories, my absolute favorite are the ones that involve my family.

Growing up, one set of grandparents lived about 20 minutes away, and every time we got together, stories of the past were what was told around the dinner table.  My sisters and I especially wanted to hear stories about our dad.  The good, the bad, everything.  Our dad was our hero, and anything we could find out about him was funny and fascinating.


Usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas, and if extended family was in town, my grandpa would pull out the large projector screen,  and all of us would cram in the living room to see pictures on the slide projector.  It was somehow comforting to hear the hum of the machine, and the loud click as the wheel moved to the next slide.  These pictures made the stories told come alive.  We’d laugh at what my grandparents and aunts and uncles wore during the 50s and 60s (because, face it, when you’re 10, it’s hilarious to see what “old” people wore).  My dad would say things like, “Who’s that stud in the picture?”  And my aunts would give their delightful and infectious squeal about some embarrassing photo, muttering “Oh my!” and shaking their heads.  It made family stories that much more delightful. Continue reading


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Tomato Basil Pasta

My summer garden is winding down. I have picked almost all that’s left. A few tomatoes and some leaves of basil are all that remain.  I do not have a green thumb at all.  In fact, many of my houseplants are barely surviving.  It’s only when my husband says, “The leaves on that plant are wilting,” that I remember to water them.  So regarding my summer garden, I can’t take any of the credit.  It belongs to my husband, and I am thankful he likes to be in the garden and “get his hands dirty,” as he says.

There’s just something about having a summer garden, more than saving money at the grocery story, or being sustainable.  You pick and enjoy the fruits of your labor, (or your spouse’s labor, in my case) and for some reason, the fruits in a garden taste that much better than the grocery store.  (Farmers markets come in a close second.) Continue reading

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Shrimp Linguine

Note: this recipe is not low-fat. I repeat: This recipe is not low-fat. So, if you’re on a diet, thinking about going on a diet, or just got off of a diet, this is not the recipe for you. However, if you like restaurant-style seafood and pasta, and like to splurge every once in a while, then this IS the recipe for you. I make this lovely recipe when I have many people over to help me eat it, or it’s a special occasion.  In my previous post, I said I made this dinner for Valentine’s Day and I’d post the recipe. Well, I didn’t want to disappoint my faithful readers, so here you go. Continue reading

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