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Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here.  My name is Holly.  I am an English teacher by day, a baker by night, and a mom and wife all the time.  I have a weakness for buying dessert cookbooks and then baking–and tweaking–the recipes.  Oh, if only there were more hours in the day and calories didn’t count!

I have always been an avid baker.  Well, I should back up.  I have always been an avid eater, especially of desserts.  When I was young, I would bake cookies for my family, and as I was baking, I would pretend that I was on a cooking show, teaching viewers how to make my cookies.  My inspiration (and hero) came from my grandmother, who made the most wonderful desserts, and I always looked forward to visiting her and helping her in the kitchen.

In college, I baked a lot for my friends, and would call my grandmother at least once a week to get advice on whatever sweet dessert or meal I was making.  (When she found out I didn’t have a rolling pin and was making my pie dough with a vase, she promptly went out and purchased one for me.)  While I loved baking, I kept it on the back burner and graduated from college with a degree in English, pursuing a career of teaching.  (If you are an English teacher and interested in teaching and curriculum ideas, you can visit my other blog at  This blog has become a hobby of mine, a way of chronicling my time in the kitchen woven with the daily activities of life.  My desire is to share my love of food with you as well as teach you a few tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it for you.   Thanks so much for stopping by! 


All the desserts, crafts, and what-not on the blog are made by me.  And unless otherwise noted, all the recipes are created by me or come from my family cookbook.  By no means am I a professional when it comes to pictures and cameras, but if you love a picture enough that you want to copy it, please let me know before doing so.  It takes me a while to take the pictures (because I take about 40 per post–you never know which ones are going to turn out) and then decide which ones to put in the blog.  I spend more time with the picture-taking/uploading/writing on my blog as I do the baking.  Which basically amounts to less sleep.  But sleep is overrated anyway.    

Copyright: All content and images are the property of HollyBakes, unless otherwise credited.  Please do not copy my images or content without written permission from me.  Thank you.

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Hello and welcome! I am so glad you're here. On this blog you'll find recipes for delicious desserts and sugar cookie inspiration. Pull up a chair and stay awhile! Read More



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