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Mandarin Orange Salad

On Sunday, my husband ran the Portland Marathon.  He’d been training with his friend Cody for quite some time.  My college roommate and good friend, Katie (who just happens to be Cody’s wife) and I watched them in the drizzle and tracked their progress on-line.  When it was over, both boys could hardly walk.  Katie and I had a good chuckle watching them limp back to the car.  We told them they looked like the walking invalids and should proudly display their race shirt and bib so people didn’t look at us funny.  I’m sure they made a good comment under their breath, but we were laughing too hard to hear them.  I suppose I’d look like death warmed over if I ran 26.2 miles too.  That’s why I’m smart and don’t do things like that.

That’s also why I make yummy food to keep my boy going.  You know, to fuel the fire that keeps him running 4+ hours on Saturday mornings, and paying large sums of money to run on pavement.  But that’s okay.  All joking aside, he has his hobby and I was glad that I could be out in the rain cheering him on.  (I was so proud of him!)  Katie and I had a great time, and even took a nice little break in the middle of their run for some Starbucks mochas.  Ahhh, gotta love Starbucks. Continue reading

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