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Monster Bookmarks


It is officially the end of the school year. Finals are graded, my classroom is packed up, good-byes have been said.  My children are also excited for the school year to be over. For Grace, her year of preschool is finishing this week, and Matthew, his first year of kindergarten ended Thursday.

It has been a year of transition.  I started teaching at a new high school this past fall–one close to home so I am not travelling 90+ minutes a day.  My son started public school (I can’t believe how fast time flies!) and had weekly homework.  And my husband got a new job in January that is within walking distance of our house, so he’s not commuting 2 hours a day.  God has been good.

FullSizeRender (2)

As the school year drew to a close, I wanted to give something to my students as an end-of-the-year present.  This year, I asked my English students to cultivate a reading life, to not just read the novels required in class, but have choice books to read for the shear joy of it.  Each month, students read at least one book outside of class (which meant they were reading two novels each month–one required and one choice) and then met with me to talk about it. And I read along with them, sharing books I was reading and giving book talks to the class. It was actually quite fun!


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Cookbook Creation

I was inspired when I went to my local craft store some time back.  It was the same trip where I made the picture frames.  This project is supposed to be scrapbooked with pictures on each divider, but I thought it would make a great cookbook!  The three dividers would be for different food categories (the last one has to be blank, as it serves as the back “page.”)  It’s nice to have my favorite recipes all in one location, instead of this from cookbook, or from that cookbook, etc.  A little light bulb went off in my head too when I thought if I could love it so much, so could someone else.  So, I made two more as wedding gifts.  I had to wait to post it until both weddings were over, especially since one was my cousin’s and I didn’t want her to see her present before she had a chance to open it.

So if you’re interested in making your own cookbook, read on!  You will need something like this:

Nice, thick cardboard.

Choose your scrapbooking paper.  I went with a cooking theme, but part of that was because our craft store had some in stock and they were so cute!

See what I mean?  Here’s the front side.

I am working on a cutting board, for quilting, since I am using an Exacto knife.  I don’t want to cut through to the table.  Put crafters glue on the side you want the paper to adhere to, and press down on the BACK SIDE of the paper.  (I use a glue stick, so I won’t have glue bubbles or blobs.) Continue reading


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Personalized Picture Frame

I was at the local craft store this past week, armed with some birthday money, (which is a very, very bad thing), when I came across this wooden picture frame.  I wanted to make a cute picture frame for my baby and this was an inexpensive way to do it, especially since I had many of the supplies.  The only extra things I needed to buy were the paper pad (because my scrapbook paper is too flowery or pastel-y for a boy), and the buttons. 

Aren’t these buttons cute? Continue reading


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