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Cat Cookies

November 20, 2023 in cookies - No Comments - 2 min read

My daughter celebrated her 11th birthday last weekend and she chose to have a cat party. She did all the research and pinned photos of what games and activities she wanted. As we got closer to the day, we looked through those ideas and narrowed down to which specific activities she wanted to do in the two-hour window we had. (This is Grace making party favors for her friends.)

I made a cat cookie for each girl with her name on it and placed next to the box Grace put together. I placed it on the bookcase in the living room so I wouldn’t forget to send it home at the end of the party.

Grace and I had stations around the house for the different activities. When the guests arrived, Grace gave them cat ear headbands and we played cat bingo in the formal dining room until everyone was there.

Afterwards, each girl picked out a cat and a blanket to keep the cat warm. I had cat adoption certificates for them to give their cat a name and sign that they would take good care of their new furry friend.

Then we had a station to make cat collars. The girls chose beads and charms and strung them through pipe cleaners. They had a lot of fun personalizing their collar.

Lastly they chose a house and decorated it using puffy paints and markers. (I learned my lesson years ago and didn’t include glitter for this project!)

Once the girls finished their house, we set it on the counter to dry and then enjoyed some snacks and dessert.

Grace had been asking for a fanny pack for some time and when I was at Cookie Con in September, when I saw this one, I thought of her. She was over the moon about it. (I’m actually surprised I kept it a secret for so long!)

These cat cookies were so fun to make! Grace helped me choose the set and colors and I think they turned out purr-fectly.

Happy birthday Grace! xoxo


Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

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