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Beach Sugar Cookies

September 9, 2023 in cookies - No Comments

It seems like the weather here in Charlotte has finally begun to turn. Summer is slowly yielding its way to fall and temperatures are now in the mid-80s. While I always look forward to fall, which is my favorite season, it’s a little sad to leave the slower-paced season of…

Alice in Wonderland Sugar Cookies

June 4, 2023 in cookies - No Comments

I love the novel Alice in Wonderland. It’s whimsical, fun, and entertaining. I had the opportunity one year to teach it to seniors in the British Literature course at school, and many of my students fell in love with the novel too. When I saw these cookie cutters at one…

Valentine Sugar Cookies

January 29, 2023 in cookies - No Comments

Well it felt like early January went by at a snail’s pace, but the end of the month sped by. It’s almost February! I am liking that the nights are getting a little longer and we are that much closer to spring. I am trying to think of a fun…

Christmas Cookies

December 2, 2022 in cookies - No Comments

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a month away! I haven’t even started shopping. Eek! (I hope you’re farther along than me. At least my tree is up, haha.) Christmas cookies are one of my favorite themes to make. Every year when I’m designing my Christmas sets, I lay…

Birthday Cookies

March 12, 2022 in cookies - No Comments

February is birthday month in our house. It’s my husband’s, mom’s, and grandma’s. My husband turned the big 4-0 early in the month. We had friends come over for games and food, and just did a low-key party. I found some fun party games for our group and reminisced about…

Christmas Presale

December 2, 2021 in cookies - 2 Comments

Hi cookie friends! If you are local to the Charlotte, NC area and would like some cookies for your holiday parties, or just because, I’ve got you covered! Below are cookie sets I am offering this year. Things to note: 1. Each set is $20.00 and comes individually heat sealed…

Halloween Cookies

October 25, 2021 in cookies - 2 Comments

Do you love Halloween? As a kid, it was one of my favorite holidays. The anticipation of all the candy you were going to get made it impossible to sleep the night before. I vividly remember every year when we came home with our stash, my sisters and I would…

Fall Sugar Cookies

October 15, 2021 in cookies - No Comments

I love fall. There’s just something magical in the air when the season changes, especially when the summer has been hot. Right now, the weather is in the low 80s and the nights are cooling down. The leaves have just started to change color and the squirrels in my trees…

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