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Top 15 Christmas Baking Recipes

Yesterday we had snow and ice and school was cancelled.  So what did I do on my day off?  I made a cheesecake.  Why go outside in the freezing rain (literally–it came right after the snow) and try to build a snowman in 1/2-inch of snow?  I think I’ll take my warm kitchen.  Actually, Matthew did try, but the moment he opened the door, he changed his mind.

So while I am working on getting the cheesecake recipe ready, I thought I’d give you my top 15 holiday recipes, in case you need inspiration or a new idea.  Tomorrow, I am making the chocolate sandwich cookies and bringing them to my work’s Christmas party, along with the rest of the cheesecake.  Is it weird to bring a half-eaten cheesecake? Maybe. On the fence about this one.  I put the recipes in alphabetical order because I couldn’t decide on how I wanted to order them as they are all my favorites.  Anyway, enjoy and happy baking! xoxo

Top 15 Christmas Baking Recipes

Black Bottom Brownies


Brownie Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting


Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes


Chocolate Revel Bars


Christmas Cake Balls


Christmas Scones


Homemade Sauces


Mitten Sugar Cookies


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Baby Boy Sugar Cookies

FullSizeRender (17)

My younger sister had her baby boy a few weeks ago.  I haven’t been out of the “baby stage” for that long (my youngest is 3), but as I was holding this tiny baby, I had such a hard time picturing my kids when they were that young–even though their baby pictures are still hanging on the wall in the hallway, haha.  Time can be such a deceiver, you know?

FullSizeRender (19)

My daughter came with me to see this precious baby in the hospital, and it was so cute to see the care and dedication she had holding and caring for the baby.  Though, she did have a hard time understanding that you couldn’t put the hat over the whole face and that eyes were made for looking, not for poking.  (What is the fascination with toddlers wanting to poke eyes?)

FullSizeRender (22)

Last month I helped host a baby shower for her, and the only thing my sister requested was decorated sugar cookies.

FullSizeRender (21)

I decided to go with a light pastel palette, and found some cute inspiration on Pinterest. Ahh, gotta love Pinterest. A few of the cookies got dented in transit, but on the whole, they turned out well.  Continue reading

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Pastel Christmas Sugar Cookies


Decorating sugar cookies puts me in my happy place.  There’s just something cathartic about making and decorating your own creations.  In my previous life, a.k.a. BC–before child, as my in-laws say, haha–I would spend hours with multiple colors and design combinations, spending up to a whole Saturday decorating cookies.  However, because I now have a newborn to add to my already rambunctious toddler, having a few hours to myself is such a rare thing.  My hubby gave me a wonderful gift of a few hours on a Saturday morning, and a friend came over to decorate with me.  (She is one of my few friends who completely understands sugar cookie decorating without giving me weird looks.)  In years past, I have made these and these, but this year, I wanted to go lighter.


A few of them are from stamps, and I used my Kopykake, (boy, do I love that thing!).  I consider myself a quazi-artist, because I can make something if I can copy it, even if just slightly, but I am not good at free-hand at all.  Whenever I draw something for my students, which is rare because I teach English, they always question my pictures–is that a dog or a horse, I can’t tell.


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Transportation Birthday Party

My son turned 2 about a month ago, and when I was planning his party, I told myself I was going to go easy.  Nothing too time-consuming, just keep it simple.  I kept telling myself this because last year, for his 1st birthday, I spent a lot of time planning and making food, invitations, etc.  You can see it all here.  Plus, with being pregnant, I have begun to lose my energy.  Being pregnant the first time around was way easier than the second!  Toddlers wear you out.

But in the end, it was worth it.  Seeing the look on Matthew’s face when his party was all about trucks, trains, and cars made me happy.  And celebrating with family and friends made it worth the while.  I found cute invitations from this Etsy shop, and everything was based off it.

For appetizers, I had veggies and dip, along with salsa and chips.  For the “main course,” I made pasta salad, using the wheel-shaped pasta.  (What is the official name of it?)

I also made egg salad sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and had them in the shapes of cars.  I found this really cute car cookie cutter and cut out bread using the cutter. Continue reading


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4th of July Fluffy Sugar Cookies

When I was a kid, 4th of July was one of my favorite holidays.  Not only did my sisters and I get to stay up past 9 P.M. (which was a rare treat), but we had a chance to play with sparklers and pop pop snappers (the ones you throw on the ground and they pop–always fun when someone wasn’t looking).  In our cul-de-sac, the neighbors would all pool the loot together and we’d have one big show.

This year, staying up really late and watching the fireworks with a toddler isn’t the brightest idea (cranky toddlers are never fun), so we’re going to a 4th of July parade instead.  I know Matthew will have fun picking up candy thrown from floats, watching big trucks slowly drive by, and seeing the general excitement in the air.

To honor such a festive occasion, I made some sugar cookies and used red, white, and blue (and a little yellow, because that’s what came in the package) jimmies to sprinkle on top.  Continue reading

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Pink and Red Sugar Cookies

There are many times where I imagine what my 18-month-old son is saying.  Like when he’s walking around with his favorite car in his hand, saying, “Da dumm sweum shuew dadadum.”  And I respond, “Why, yes, your car can go really fast.”  Or when he asks a question, (which is easy to tell, because the inflection in his voice goes up at the end of his sentence and he looks at me expectantly), and I say, “Of course Daddy can give you another piggy-back ride.  As soon as he gets home.”

Today we went over to my friend’s house.  Both our boys are less than a week apart and it’s fun to see them grow and play together.  Today, Matthew got the opportunity to play with a pint-size kitchen.  He had a lot of fun sautéing vegetables and washing dishes, while talking all about it.  (Secretly, I want him to be a famous chef when he grows up.)

But no matter how many veggies, fruit, yogurt, or Cheerios he eats, his favorite food, by far, are sweets.  (It’s hard to blame him; it’s in his genes.)  While lying on the floor, desperately trying to eat a donut, he says something in a faint voice.  I interpret it to mean, “Mom, these plastic donuts are no substitution for the real thing.”

And he’s right.  There is no substitution for the real thing.  There’s something about homemade cookies–it evokes warm memories of childhood, and that deliciously sweet smell coming from the oven can not be compared.  These sugar cookies are made with lots of butter and sugar, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  (If you want to see what recipe I use for the cookies and the royal icing, click here.)  I made these Valentine cookies for the blog winner, (congrats again Kathy!), and for a friend whose husband died of cancer not too long ago.  Cookies comfort too.

I made some conversation hearts. (They were my favorite as a kid!)

And some lace cookies. Continue reading


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Valentine’s Sugar Cookies {blogoversary giveaway}

Thank you all who entered the giveaway.  Like I said earlier, I really do wish that I could send each one of you some cookies.   Unfortunately, I could only choose one, and the lucky winner of 1 dozen decorated Valentine Sugar Cookies is:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2012-02-03 02:46:28 UTC

  •   Kathy                       February 1, 2012 at 9:06 pm (Edit)

    I “liked” your blog and on FB. My favorite cookies are oatmeal chocolate chip. I’ve made a number of your recipes and have loved them all!

Congrats Kathy! I’ll be in contact with you soon.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Some of you have been following my blog since its inception.  Some of you have been following for about a year.  Some of you are brand-stinkin’ new.  And I love you all tremendously, no matter how long you’ve been following.  While technically I started this blog in 2009, it really wasn’t until this time last year that I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do with it and where I wanted to take it.  So I thought that it’d be fun to have a little giveaway, to celebrate my one-year blogoversary.

I know I can’t thank all of you individually with cookies, but I can at least say thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, and sharing.  So thank you!  (And while I’m at it, I want to personally thank my husband who so graciously watches Matthew while I bake in the kitchen, willingly proofreads these posts, and happily eats the leftovers.)  I don’t even want to think about how many pounds of butter, flour, sugar, and eggs I’ve used this past year!  We’ll just say a lot and leave it at that.

For one lucky winner, I have a dozen Valentine Sugar cookies coming your way.  Yeah!  So much can be said in a cookie, and for me, it’s genuine gratitude.  I never thought that this little blog would be read by so many special people.

So, here’s how this giveaway works.  You can enter one of two ways: Continue reading


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