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Easter Sugar Cookie Class

Well, it’s a little early for Easter, but I wanted to share a class with you that I am teaching at the end of March.  That way, if you do take the class, you can have enough time to make the cookies on your own, in time for Easter.

Just a few side notes.  One, it will be in the Portland area, so you’ll have to be within driving distance of the city.  Two, not only will you learn some techniques, like baking the sugar cookies and tips with royal icing, but you get to take home the cookies you decorated.  I love classes where you get to eat your project. :)  You don’t need to bring anything, all tools will be provided.

This will be the only Easter post for a little while, as I have some great desserts to share with you regarding St. Patrick’s Day.  I’d love to have you join me!   xoxo

Easter Sugar Cookie Class

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10 Tips [for Successful Sugar Cookie Decorating]

It’s holiday baking time!  And if you’re like many Americans, it’s that time of year to bake cookies for cookie swaps, Christmas parties, and fun get-togethers.  I attended a cookie swap at a co-worker/friend’s house Saturday night, and I’m a little embarrassed to say that this was my first one.  (I know, I know, where have I been?)   There were a few new winter cookie cutters I got last year and was really excited to try them out.  Like snow globes…

Peppermint candies…

Mittens and snowflakes…

And using my KopyKake to create penguins.  (More on that later.)

As I was decorating my cookies, and mulling over which ones I liked and which ones I wish turned out better, I got to thinking–how many people have thought about decorating sugar cookies but were too intimidated to try?  I have only been seriously decorating cookies since last year, and I will tell you that I am by no means an expert, but I hope to give you some tips and tricks that will either convince you to try it or if you already do decorate, make it easier for you. Continue reading


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Things I Love Fridays: Crayons

I’m starting a new series called “Things I Love Fridays.”  They’re going to be filled with things I love–a very simple concept.  Some of them will be related to the kitchen, some of them just random things I love.

So today’s “Things I Love Fridays” is about crayons, one of the indispensable things I use when decorating sugar cookies.  Chalk it up the OCD in me, but I cannot look at a blank cookie and expect to decorate it without doing my homework.  Blank canvases send me into a mild panic attack.  So, when I’m ready to decorate a cookie, I outline the stencil onto a sheet of paper.  I then get out my trusty crayons and “decorate” the cookie.  I jot down notes on colors I’ll need, techniques I’ll use, and variations I’ll try.  Sometimes they don’t turn out, and when this happens I put a big X in the design.  Sometimes I look on the computer for ideas and mesh some I see with some I have in my head.  And sometimes, my lovely design looks great on paper, but it’s a disaster on the cookie.  (But I love it when it’s the other way around!  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happened very often.)

Here are some pictures of the “before,” where I outlined the cookie stencil and colored it in, and the “after,” once the sugar cookie was all decorated.

This one was for Mother’s Day.

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