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Jungle Cupcakes

My son turns one next week.  I cannot believe how fast time has flown!  It seems like just yesterday I was eagerly anticipating his arrival, and wondering if he would look more like my husband or more like me.  For the record, I still don’t know.

We are celebrating his birthday this Saturday and I am making all kinds of goodies, including cupcakes.  Since his nursery is jungle-themed, I decided to go with that theme for his birthday party.  I saw a picture of a lion made out of fondant (cup-e-cake gang) and thought that’d be perfect to go on his special birthday cupcake.  So, I am going to give you a sneak peek of the party preparations, with this little lion.

Here the little lion is drying.  I used piping gel to “glue” the mane to the head.

This giraffe was a disaster.   So much piping gel went into getting his head to stick to his body; and in the morning, his head was next to his legs.  I thought about using a toothpick to secure his head, but was afraid I’d smoosh the head or body.

Eyes are in and he’s almost ready to make his debut!

Oh cute, little lion.  How I love you and your cute, little belly button so…

More on this special day to come! xoxo


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Fondant Toppers, continued

This is the shortest post ever.  And for that, I am sorry.  I brought the cupcakes in to work yesterday and was planning on taking a few pictures with the fondant toppers, but after the third picture, my camera died.  I was planning on taking a few, and that’s what I got, haha!  We took our camera to the beach this past long weekend and for whatever reason, I obviously didn’t notice the battery light going on.

Anyway, these pictures are taken in the Language Arts office, on our really OLD teachers’ desks.  As you can see, it’s bright orange!  (I thought the bright orange would make a nice contrast against the pale yellow frosting.)  So here are three pictures of lemon cupcakes with the fondant toppers.  Enjoy! xo

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Teacher Cupcake Fondant Toppers

My dear friend Gary is retiring from teaching this year.  I believe he’s taught 30 years.  Wow.  This is my 7th year and sometimes it feels like I’ve been teaching 30 years and sometimes it feels like I’ve been teaching 1.  Such dedication he’s had with his students and in his profession.

Anyway, I wanted to honor him, so I decided to make some lemon cupcakes (which I will be making today and bringing them in to work tomorrow) with these fondant toppers.  See, Gary is also a professional actor and those who have attended his plays have thoroughly enjoyed watching him in his element.  I thought about making small items that you would find on a typical stage, but couldn’t make them small enough for the frosting to support them, so I went with a teacher theme–apples, books, and a bookworm.

Even though most people don’t eat the fondant toppers, I still decided to use high quality fondant.  My favorite brand is Satin Ice.  The dark brown fondant tastes like a chocolate Tootsie Roll.  Talk about yum!  To make these toppers, you will need the following ingredients and items:

And a plan on what you want to make and colors you want to use.  (Matthew crumbled the paper, sorry.)

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