Strawberry Waffles

There are so many things I love about being a teacher, but one thing I really dislike about teaching is the fact that I am always getting sick.  It doesn’t seem to matter what it is that’s going around–I usually get something at some point.  When I first started teaching, many of the veteran teachers would tell me that I’d be sick constantly my first few years, until I built up more of a resistance in my body, and then, years down the road, when cold and flu season would hit, I would basically be immune.  I held onto that “truth” the first three years teaching.  Now, almost a decade later, I wonder why I desperately believed it.  I get at least three colds a year, despite being updated on my flu shots, (you know, just in case), constantly washing my hands and use Purell hand sanitizer like it’s nobody’s business, and telling all my sick students to not get near me.  However, all my efforts have proved to be futile, as now, in spring, I have the dreaded cold.

It also doesn’t help that I live with two other people, so usually if one person catches something, others are bound to get it too.  All that to say that I have been battling this stupid cold all of last week and spent much of this afternoon resting on the couch, so I am sorry for the longer absence.  I blame my students.

Okay, moving on…If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know just how much I love breakfast food and just how much I love Saturday mornings.  Cold or not, it couldn’t keep me in bed.  Eric always looks forward to Saturday breakfast, and usually asks the night before what I’m going to make.  As long as he can keep our 21-month-old preoccupied while I’m in the kitchen, I’ve got enough time to make something fabulous.  There are strawberries baked in with the batter, but if you don’t like warm strawberries, then you can omit them and just add them on top once the waffles are done.  Either way, they’re bound to be a hit in your house.  Enjoy! xoxo

Strawberry Waffles

printable recipe

2 ¼ c flour

4 t baking powder

¾ t salt

1 ½ T sugar

½ c chopped fresh strawberries

2 eggs, beaten

2 ¼ c milk

½ vegetable or canola oil

1 c sliced fresh strawberries

cooking spray

powdered sugar

Preheat waffle maker.  In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, oil, and milk.  Add the flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, and ½ c strawberries, and gently mix, until all is incorporated and there are no traces of flour.  (Batter will be lumpy.) Bake in waffle iron coated with cooking spray.

Garnish with sliced strawberries and powdered sugar.

Serves: 5-6 Belgian waffles

Recipe Source: my fabulous Aunt Kathy

Author: holly

Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

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