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Chocolate Espresso Cookies

CEC4Spring is just around the corner.  And honestly, I can’t wait.  We’ve had some snow flurries the past two weeks, and that put my kids in a tizzy.  Matthew was jumping around the house saying, “No school! No school!”  I think in his head, just a few drops of snow equals schools closing.  To be fair, this winter in the Pacific Northwest has been quite unusual, and every time it snowed, school was either cancelled or delayed.


I think I told you about this crazy puppy we decided to adopt.  He has been fun, but, he is, well…a puppy.  Potty accidents have become a daily ritual, kid stuffies have been mauled, and my dining room furniture has turned into a chew toy.  And this is after having him sectioned off to just the kitchen.  My happy place is currently not so happy, as I can’t turn my back to him because I need to constantly self-direct.  Sigh…it’s okay.  This too shall pass and he’ll grow up, and the vigilance I am trying to do now should pay off down the road, right? Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Mint Cookies

February is a dreary month in the Pacific Northwest, as I’m sure it is for many of you.  The weather yesterday was a mix of cold wind, rain, and some snow, which is not very common this time of year. (There is snow in the forecast tonight, and I am sure my students are praying for at least a delay.)

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, I am really looking forward to spring.  With St. Patrick’s Day almost here, there is certainly a lot of green going around, which is fine by me.  I’ve seen enough red and pink for a while.  And the change in color scheme made me think of some mint chips I had stashed away in my pantry.  Which then made me think of cookies, which made me think of chocolate.  (Stream of conciseness is such a funny thing.) Continue reading

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Chocolate Heart Sandwich Cookies

Valentine’s Day used to be my least favorite holiday.  I used to feel, way back when, that it was another excuse for the candy, card, and entertainment industry to suck money out of you, but deep down, it was most likely that I didn’t like Valentine’s Day because I didn’t have someone special to share it with.  I don’t mean family and friends, because that’s different.  (My wonderful dad would give my sisters and me little treats he’d made, from chocolate shaped like teddy bears to chocolate cups with ice cream inside, and my mom would always write cute, little love notes.  And for many years, my single friends and I would pick a fun restaurant in town and dress up and enjoy a nice time out.  We’d then go home, rent some non-sappy movie, and eat milkshakes.  So I wasn’t deprived in the love department.)

When you’re single, and you don’t want to be, you tend to dread this holiday and are reminded of what you don’t have.  But I don’t want this post to be about that.  I feel that I’ve grown up a bit, and while I still don’t feel the urge to buy a sappy love-letter, or make a romantic dinner on this particular day, (or feel entitled to a dozen roses by my hubby), I do really like the idea of Valentine’s Day being shared with the ones you love, no matter how you love them.

This is such a simple dessert to make for someone special in your life.  All you need is heart-shaped cookies, ganache, and sprinkles.  Simple, right?  Exactly.  That’s what I thought.  (I’m not being sarcastic, really. I promise it is easy.)  I make my chocolate sugar cookies from a recipe in the book Cookie Craft, (which is why I’m not posting it on the blog), but there are some good recipes on-line if you so choose.  Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, (mine were 1 1/2 inches, but you could use any size), bake and fully cool the cookies.  (Half are flipped in this photo to make creating the sandwich really easy.)

Ganache sounds like a really scary word, and until the other day when I made these cookies, it was.  But I found it pretty easy, even though the recipe I decided to try, from Martha Stewart Living, had confusing directions.  (I will do my best to de-mystify this in the instructions below.)  And normally, I alter recipes, but since I had never done this before, I thought it best to stick to the directions.  Anyway, that was a bit of a side note.  But this isn’t any kind of ganache–it’s whipped ganache, and it’s lighter, fluffier, and fudgier.  Once the ganache is made and whipped, scoop it into a pastry bag with a #12 tip. Continue reading

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