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Woodland Sugar Cookies

October 14, 2019 in cookies - No Comments - 2 min read



Where I live, summer didn’t gradually bleed into fall.  It abruptly ended with no warning and no gently goodbye.  Usually our Septembers are cool in the morning, reaching mid-70s by the end of the day, but the week after Labor Day fall came in with the bang.  I think we were lucky to have a week of that weather the whole month.  Instead we ended up with lots of rain, wind, and mid-50 degree weather.


The good thing about the crummy fall weather is I don’t feel guilty staying inside baking.  Plus, it’s a good excuse not to have to rake the leaves that are falling in abundance.  (Every fall I lament about the leaf pick-up, as we have 3 large-leaf, 100-year-old maples surrounding our house.  They provide us with lots of shade in the summer, but a headache in autumn.  However, I think my husband is tired of hearing me complain, so I should probably just stop.  Maybe.  Below is a picture of one of trees.)


Anyway, I made woodland themed cookies with new cutter and new colors.

The foxes are using super red, which I wanted to look different than a Christmas red.



With the hedgehogs I used chocolate brown and espresso.  I am annoyed that an air bubble created holes on the feet of these guys, which didn’t appear that way when wet.  They’re still cute though.



And the owls I used navy blue and wedgewood, my new favorite color.



The weather here has begun to calm down.  October is shaping up to be normal and I like it.  Maybe I’ll go out and rake the leaves.  xoxo



Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

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