Dinosaur Birthday Party


My son, Matthew, turned 9 last month and wanted to have a dinosaur-themed birthday party.  Specifically Jurassic Park. (For his 5th birthday, we had a dinosaur party, but wanted to make this one different.)

He really wanted decorated cookies and dirt cake.  I made T-Rexs, triceratops, and brontosauruses.  Trying to make them to match the actual Jurassic Park logos was bit too challenging, so I settled on this design instead.


Matthew picked bright colors–the Americolor I used was titled electric for each color.  It certainly was.



Matthew also told me I needed to make sure I added teeth to the T-Rexs, otherwise they would just be herbivores.  Go figure.



We played Bingo.  And learned there were a lot more dinosaurs than we thought! The kids had fun looking for the dinos on their bingo cards.



We hunted for dinosaur eggs.  Eric hid them around the yard and each kid looked for two different colored eggs.  These eggs were really cool, because once opened, the kids put together all the pieces to make a 3-D dinosaur.

We tried to stomp on other’s “eggs,” while not getting ours stomped on.




And we ate dinosaur-themed food.  The dirt cake recipe can be found here and the sugar cookie recipe can be found here.



Lots of fun for the birthday boy, who will be in double digits next year! Yikes!

Author: holly

Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

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