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Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

RCCM0Being confined to a small space has its benefits.  Right now, since we don’t trust our 4-month-old puppy with much more than the kitchen area, that is where the family has been each evening…all evening…and much of the weekend when it’s raining outside.  It’s great bonding time, but I think we’re all feeling a bit constrained and claustrophobic.


While I was making these muffins last Saturday morning, my kids got on the topic of being married.  It’s quite funny listening to a conversation between a 6 and 4 year old.  Matthew told Grace she needs to marry someone she knows, so she said, “Well, I want to marry mommy.” (Bless her little heart.)  Matthew promptly told her that wouldn’t work.  Grace then asked, “Who are you going to marry?”  He said no one, because you have to kiss and that’s really gross.  “It’s like kissing a fish with slobber on its lips.”  (Where does he get this??) Continue reading

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Raspberry Crumb Bars

RCB1Every year, our neighborhood has a 4th of July parade and party for the young children.  It starts with a community bike ride at the end of the cul-de-sac, and ends at the local park with games and food.  The kids bikes were packed (as we were going camping a few days later), so we instead we walked in the parade over to the park with the entourage of kiddos.

The weather this day was pretty cold.  Last year it was in the mid 90s, which is extremely rare early July in the Pacific Northwest, but this year it was in the mid-60s.  However, you wouldn’t know that based on what Grace is wearing!  Kids…


Matthew and Grace participated in a three-legged race (which was a very hard concept for a 3-year-old to understand) and a gunny-sack race.


Grace fell on early in the race (sadness!) and refused to get up and continue, but Matthew was all about trying to win.  (Wonder where he got that from…)  Just look at that face! Continue reading

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Pretzel Jello {tutorial}

I love traditions.  And one thing I really like about starting my own family is continuing the traditions that both our families have as well as creating new ones.  My wonderful old roommate, Katie, introduced me to this recipe eight years ago, when we were first teaching.  (It was both of our first “real” job out of college and we were teaching at the same middle school.)  She brought it to a staff potluck, and told me not to judge the dessert by the name.  I had to try it first before I could make any sort of comment.  Skeptically, I said fine.

I’ll give you that this dessert has a weird name, but it does not have a weird taste.  The saltiness of the pretzel crust combines nicely with the sweetness of a cream cheese middle layer and a raspberry Jello top layer.  And you don’t have to be either a lover of salty things or sweet things to enjoy this dessert.  It appeals to both sets of tastes.  Thank you Katie, for making me try this dessert before forming an opinion.  I would have never had one of my now, favorite desserts.

To make this dessert, you need to crush pretzels.  I like to use a rolling pin.  (It also is nice when you’re frustrated or angry.  You get all your aggression out!  Just don’t whack the pretzels too much–you don’t want it to be all crumbs.)

You need 3 cups of crushed pretzels.

Melt 1 1/2 sticks of butter and dump the pretzels in the melted butter with some powdered sugar.  Mix until the pretzels are coated with the butter and powdered sugar. Continue reading


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