Hot Rice Cereal

Growing up in a household of all girls (my poor dad!), it was hard for my mom to make meals that my sisters and I liked.  You know, at least one person had to have an opinion about a dinner selection.  At one point, I remember eating a rotation of about 6 dinners.  Which at the time, was completely fine, because I liked the 6 meals, but looking back, I know my parents were bored out of their minds with the same ‘ole meals. (I am sure that not hearing our nagging about certain foods was worth it to them.)

This is such a comfort breakfast.  Often times in college, I would make this breakfast when I felt homesick and wanted something to soothe my soul.  Every time, it hit the spot.  Plus, burritos and rice were a staple dinner in our apartment, so we had plenty of extra rice running around.

Normally, with this hot cereal, we would just sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it, but adding the nuts and dried fruit helps balance out the meal.  I made it for my 20-month-old son yesterday morning, and he just ate it up.  (I took the nuts out for him, because I didn’t want him to choke, but he loved the dried blueberries and raspberries.)  And my husband, who thought originally it was weird, really enjoyed it too.  So if you’re looking for ideas to use leftover rice and want a simple, healthy breakfast, then this delicious hot rice cereal is for you.  Enjoy!

Hot Rice Cereal

printable recipe

1 ½ c cooked rice

1 c milk

Cinnamon and nutmeg

Dried fruit

Chopped nuts

In a small saucepan, (or microwaveable bowl) heat milk and rice together, just until the mixture begins to thicken.  Transfer to bowls and sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg, if desired, on top.  Add ¼ c fruits and nuts.  Serve immediately.

Serves: 2

Recipe Source: my wonderful mom

Author: holly

Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

3 thoughts

  1. I would have never thought to have rice for breakfast, must try this. Your photos really convey that sense of comfort and warmth! Love your blog!

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