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Homemade Hot Chocolate


I’m in a minor panic mode.  Weather forecasters predicted a possibility of 1-4 inches of snow Tuesday night.  I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but in the Portland area, there’s much hype from the media when it comes to snow and little is delivered.  So I didn’t think too much about this particular forecast.  Saturday morning I went to the grocery store in a mad panic because the ice/snow/wind storm was supposed to come around 9 AM bringing 1-2 inches of ice.  The storm did materialize, but it was closer to a little more of a dusting of snow and 1/2 inch of ice.


I decided to smite the weather forecasters this time and not panic.  When I woke up this morning, we had 11 inches of snow.  Yikes! Now I am kicking myself that I should have listened to the meteorologist, and therefore gone to the grocery store on my way home from work yesterday because I am almost out of fruits, veggies, and milk.  But more importantly, I am almost out of flour and butter.  And when you’re cooped up inside, warm baked goods sound better than ever, hence the minor panic mode I have induced upon myself.  This picture is the nature park by our house.  I have to admit, snow is beautiful.


This one is of our backyard.  Oh my poor Japanese maple! Continue reading


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Frozen Hot Chocolate


“I can resist anything except temptation.” Oscar Wilde

As an English major in college and an English teacher these past 12 years, I have read my fair share of great classic literature.  Oscar Wilde wrote my favorite play, The Importance of Being Earnest, and if you have not read it, I suggest you do.  I dare you to not laugh out loud as you read this!  (Don’t ask me about the movie adaptation as I haven’t seen it.  This is mainly do to the fact that I may not like it and then it will forever taint my view of this beloved play. Please tell me this isn’t weird.)


This quote is not from that play, but every time I read it I laugh.  Out loud.  And quite honestly, I can resist many things, but this dessert…Nope. Nada. Negative Ghostwriter.  I have been making this for 6 years now, and every time I offer it to others, they can’t resist it either.


The best way to describe this dessert is that it is a cross between a slushie and a milkshake.  I make it in summer; I make it in winter. I make it when I have have a craving for chocolate; I make it just because.  And you should too. Enjoy! xoxo Continue reading

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Cheesy Potato Soup [and an update]

Hi friends!  I was going to wish you a happy Friday, but then I realized that it’s only Thursday.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  Saturdays are particularly hard days for me because I wake up early in a panic thinking my alarm didn’t go off in time for me to get ready for work, only to realize a minute later that it isn’t a work day.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Please tell me it does; I want to feel normal.

For those of you who have been following me for a little while, you’ve probably noticed two things in the past few or so months.  One–I haven’t been posting as often as I used to.  Two–many of the recipes I’ve been posting are not desserts.

Here’s my reason for both of those: I am 17 weeks pregnant.  I wanted to share the exciting news with you earlier, believe me, but I had a miscarriage at seven weeks back in September, and I told a few people.  Not that it was bad that I did, but when I had the miscarriage, I then had to call those people I told and relive the heartache all over again.  So, this time, I made sure this little one was going to stay.  And between the morning sickness which lasted morning and night (with a few hours of relief in the middle of the day–something I hadn’t experienced in my first pregnancy) for almost 4 months straight, and being tired from working and taking care of a toddler, baking was low on my priority list. Continue reading

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Hot Rice Cereal

Growing up in a household of all girls (my poor dad!), it was hard for my mom to make meals that my sisters and I liked.  You know, at least one person had to have an opinion about a dinner selection.  At one point, I remember eating a rotation of about 6 dinners.  Which at the time, was completely fine, because I liked the 6 meals, but looking back, I know my parents were bored out of their minds with the same ‘ole meals. (I am sure that not hearing our nagging about certain foods was worth it to them.)

This is such a comfort breakfast.  Often times in college, I would make this breakfast when I felt homesick and wanted something to soothe my soul.  Every time, it hit the spot.  Plus, burritos and rice were a staple dinner in our apartment, so we had plenty of extra rice running around. Continue reading


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