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Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

cwrs4It has been unusually cold in the Pacific Northwest.  We had two separate snow storms that cancelled school for 2 1/2 days in mid-December, and yesterday, a snow/ice/wind storm rolled in.  Here’s a picture of our backyard.  We didn’t get that much snow.  Clearly we got a lot of wind, as you can see by the debris on the patio.  But what’s harder to see is the layer of ice on top of the snow.  That’s what shut down the city.  And that’s what cancelled my birthday celebration with my family.  I’m not bitter or anything.


Not all was lost though.  I had a cozy, stay-in birthday weekend celebration with the hubby and kiddos.  We watched movies we checked out from the library, played games, made banana bread and cookies, all the while staying sane being cooped up for 2 full days.  I think one reaches a point you become too old for a pity party. Continue reading


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Red Curry with Vegetables

My 15-month-old son went trick-or-treating for the first time Monday night.  He went as a dinosaur, or Puff the Magic Dragon, as my husband called him.

My mom made a cute little trick-or-treat bag to carry all of his loot, and we went to about 8 houses with some friends.  While he had a fun time walking around (he just learned to walk) and meeting new people, I knew that all the candy he got was not all going to him.

In fact, I’ve only given him tiny bits of each little package we’ve opened.  But I still I can’t help feeling a little guilty that Eric and I are eating candy that was originally intended for someone else. Continue reading

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Pesto Chicken Sandwiches

This summer I grew a lot of basil.  And I mean a lot.  So much I had to give some of it away.  But of what I kept, I made pesto and froze it, so in the winter months, I have reminders of summer.  Since I have quite a bit of pesto, I thought making it with a sandwich sounded pretty good (especially since in the past I’ve always used it with pasta).  Oh, I am a genius! haha

This is a fantastic sandwich for a fall afternoon.  You only need a few ingredients and a few moments and your sandwich is ready.  Plus, if you pair it with an end-of-the-summer fruit, like apples, you’ll definitely have a fall meal.  (Or even have it with a small bowl of soup.)  Add as many or as few vegetables as you like.  For me, I like a loaded sandwich, so I topped it with everything that I had in my fridge.

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