I Think I’m in Love

I haven’t been this in love since I met my husband.  Well, I take that back.  I was in love at first sight with my little, precious baby when he entered the world.  Okay, I have not been this in love in four months.  I feel quite ashamed telling you this, but I am in love with my new, professional mixer. (Mock me later.)   My in-laws surprised me last night with this wonderful gift and I almost baked something after I got back home from their house.  Almost.  See, we got back to our house at 10 in the evening, and had it just been my husband and me, I would have.  But now, I have to factor in my baby, and, well, he doesn’t go on my schedule, so I made the wise decision to go to sleep. 

This morning though, that was a different story.  After the baby went down for his morning nap, I unwrapped my new, heavy present.  Just look how beautiful the box is!

And how shiny it is in the box.  (This is a top-down view of the mixer.  My cat, Thomas, was very curious.)


I do have a Kitchen Aid mixer and love it to death.  But this one is new.  This one is bigger.  This one is better.  Yes, I am comparing my new one to my old one.

It has almost twice the horsepower as my old one.  And look how much bigger the paddle attachment is!  It’s like Andre the Giant.  (Ahh, I miss him.)


My old mixer will still be in use.  I promise I won’t neglect it.  But look one more time at how shiny and lovely it is.

(Do you see me in my bathrobe?  Haha, didn’t catch that at first.)  I just love how the bowl is suspended in mid-air.  I feel so professional when I use it!

And here is me making Red Velvet cake balls.  I’ll post pictures on that tomorrow.  They’re in the fridge hardening up.

Just think how many more desserts I can make with two mixers now.  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  I am sure I will be in love for a very, very long time.

Author: holly

Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

3 thoughts

  1. Your new mixer dwarfs your other mixer. And yes, I do see you in your bathrobe hahaha! And I hope you make cake balls when I come out because I have never had them (Ron hasn’t either).

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