Things I Love Fridays: Views

Some day, Eric and I want to own a house that has a view.  A view of the lush countryside, a view overlooking a city, a view peering onto the ocean, or even a view surrounded by trees.  (Not a view of our neighbors, as we currently have.)  In the meantime, we try to visit all these places, take pictures, and soak in the beauty of it all.  We were able to do that yesterday.  We’re currently on vacation.  We drove from Portland to Walla Walla, (a 4 1/2 hour drive ), with a teething baby.  Call me crazy!  

Normally when we take the drive, we don’t take the scenic route, but Eric wanted to show me this fantastic bakery in Hood River, so we detoured.  (Which was fine by me because I LOVE Hood River.)  However, after going through the main drag twice, Eric realized the bakery wasn’t in Hood River.  Maybe the next town?  So we continued on the highway to the next town, took the “scenic route” as the highway sign said.  The town had 400 people and no bakery.  (We never did find that bakery.)  However, we did take a long, windy tour of nature around the town and along the Columbia River.  We pulled over and snapped a couple of pictures.  Pictures of this stunning view.

Speaking of Hood River, for our second anniversary, years back, we visited a lavender farm that had this fantastic view of Mt. Hood. 

Another one of my favorite views was outside Quito, Ecuador.  Eric snapped this picture on our way up to the Condor Park. 

And this one when we stay at my in-law’s house at the beach.  I never get tired of watching the sunset from this view. 

But the best view?  My family.  So many memories that I would not trade the world for.  So it’s okay if I don’t get the house with the fantastic view; I will always have the best one when I walk in the front door.  xoxo

Author: holly

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