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Lemon Poppyseed Cake

January 17, 2012 in cakes - 3 Comments

Pacific Northwesterners love snow.  I say this because we don’t get it very often and it usually doesn’t last.  Yesterday was our first snow of the season, and it was a very light dusting.  My one-and-a-half-year-old son was intrigued by the large white stuff floating down from the sky and…

Texas Sheet Cake {tutorial}

July 29, 2011 in bars, cakes, chocolates - No Comments

I love chocolate.  It’s hard to go a day without any.  Sometimes I put chocolate chips in the fridge, so they’re nice and cold, and then eat them as a snack.  However, I have never liked chocolate ice cream.  Ever.  Won’t touch the stuff.  And I usually don’t care for chocolate…

4th of July Cake Balls {tutorial}

July 3, 2011 in cakes - 5 Comments

I wanted to make an easy July 4th dessert, since we are spending the long weekend with Eric’s parents at the beach.  And, since I haven’t made cake balls in quite some time, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to have a quick tutorial on cake balls. They have certainly…

210 Cake Balls

May 4, 2011 in cakes - 4 Comments

My friend Natalie helps run a children’s ministry program, AWANA, at her church.  Today is the last day of the AWANA year, and she and her husband wanted to recognize all the volunteers who help make the ministry possible.  So, she asked me if I’d help her make some cake balls for…

Four Layer Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cake

November 20, 2010 in cakes - No Comments

I made a four layer cake this past week.  Four layers!  What does four layers mean?  Nothing, except there’s more frosting. :)  And to me, frosting is the best part of the cake.  This cake is a vanilla butter cake and has layers of peanut butter buttercream, all encased in chocolate…

Cake Balls

September 21, 2010 in cakes - 5 Comments

I love cake balls.  They are tiny, little bits of cake heaven. And because they are small, you feel like you can eat a whole handfull without feeling guilty.  (Dessert calories don’t count, right?)  I was inspired to make these balls from one of my favorite blog sites,, for my friend Maggi’s birthday. …

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