Matthew’s 7th Birthday


Seven is supposed to be a lucky number, I told Matthew today.  So, since you just turned 7, this should be a really great year.  He was unimpressed.  I’m slowly, and sadly, beginning to realize that the older he gets, the more uncool I become.  When did being 7 get to be so big??


For his birthday this year, I decided to go low-key and have just family and close friends over for dinner and cake.  To be honest, last year’s party was very time intensive, and I just wasn’t up for that this time around. (You can check out the Star War’s theme here. His 5th birthday party was dinosaur themed and I didn’t put on the blog for a reason I can’t remember, 4th birthday party was shark-themed, 3rd birthday party was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” both which can be found here, 2nd birthday party, and 1st birthday party.  Phew!)


So, he asked for a blueberry cake, and I ordered these super cute sprinkles to go along.  (In fact, I order all my sprinkles from her.  They are unique and beautiful.)  His favorite colors are turquoise and orange.  Lucky me I found sprinkles with both.


The recipe comes from Sweetapolita’s cookbook, which is fantastic, by the way.  The only change I made was adding lemon curd in-between the layers of cake instead of frosting.  And the frosting is my favorite–Swiss meringue buttercream.


It was a great day to celebrate, and I was thankful that family and friends could be there.  Happy birthday Matthew! xoxo


Author: holly

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