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Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

October 8, 2010 in pies - No Comments

Pie.  The mere mention of the word would make me break into a sweat.  Why?  Not because they don’t taste good, because they do, but because they have scared me.  Scared me so bad that I have avoided making them for years.  If I had to make a pie (or…

Cupcake Camp

October 4, 2010 in musings - No Comments

Yup, you read the title right.  Cupcake Camp 2010 at Newport Beach in Oregon.  I love that there are camps for adults!  And this camp allowed you to eat what you made and eat what others made too.  I decided to take two classes being offered–a fondant class, and a…

Cake Balls

September 21, 2010 in cakes - 5 Comments

I love cake balls.  They are tiny, little bits of cake heaven. And because they are small, you feel like you can eat a whole handfull without feeling guilty.  (Dessert calories don’t count, right?)  I was inspired to make these balls from one of my favorite blog sites,, for my friend Maggi’s birthday. …

Old-Fashioned Cupcakes

March 29, 2010 in cupcakes - 2 Comments

Well, I did two things I’ve never done before.  One, I worked with fondant, and two, I made buttercream frosting.  I had worked with Sculpy (modeling clay) before and it was pretty similar to fondant, so that was quite a bit of fun.  I don’t know why I thought fondant was…

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

March 25, 2010 in scones - 2 Comments

Nothing says spring like lemons, and when it comes to lemons, I am a big fan. Someday, I’d like to own my own bake shop, and I’d possibly call it Sweet Lemon. My husband, who is a big lemon fan too, thinks I should change it to Sweet Pale Lemon (since…

Snickers Pie

February 28, 2010 in frozen desserts, pies - No Comments

When I saw this recipe online, I thought, How can anyone pass up a pie made with Snickers?  Well, certainly not me.  This actually is very similar to a Peanut Butter Pie, only you add a little extra something–and, of course, that something is Snickers!   Cut up 3 Snickers…

Lemon Pie

February 4, 2010 in pies - 2 Comments

My husband’s birthday is next week and I decided to make him an early birthday present–a pie.  I had quite a few lemons and a Pillsbury frozen pie crust, so I looked through my cookbooks and found an old family recipe that I remember my grandmother making for me all…

Oreo Truffles

October 31, 2009 in frozen desserts

Well, I’ve made Peanut Butter Balls and Cake Balls (I will put that up on the website soon), but when I read about Oreo Truffles from Better Homes and Gardens, I thought, now this I have to try!  You can coat the truffles in any type of chocolate–in the magazine,…

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Saturday fun—making a lego city and a creating a valentine’s party for her dolls. #kidplay #dollplay #makebelieve Grace got braces today! And somehow managed to pop a brace off an hour after getting home. 🤦‍♀️ Hi friends! So I set up an Instagram account just for my cookies. If you like the cookies I make and want to follow this new account, I’d love to have you! @holly_bakes_ 
This current account is going back to more personal. 😊
Thanks!! #cookies #cookiedecorating #royalicingcookies #royalicing #cookiesofinstagram Valentine Pre-Sale and cookie class are up on the blog! Visit the blog (, the link in profile, or click the link below for the form.

Gnome cutters- @sweetleighprinted 
Plaque and mason jar cutters- @sheybdesigns 
Hearts- @3dcookiecuttershop 
Rose- @cutitoutcutters 
#valentinecookies #royalicingcookies #royalicing #sugarcookies #sugarcookiesofinstagram #talentedcookiers #bakersofinstagram Birthday present from Eric—a 7 quart mixer. My hubby knows me well. 😊 Now, just where to store it... #kitchenaidmixer #birthdaypresent Celebrating my birthday this weekend at the beach with close friends. (This House has an amazing view!!!) Thanks @rainasia @lacygiering @erinrgreatness @penner.natalie for joining me!!! 💞 You have made entering a new decade a little easier. #birthday #birthdaygirl #newdecade


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