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Valentine’s Cookies, Take I

January 24, 2011 in cookies - 3 Comments

I say “Take I” because this was my first practice with them; and of course, there will be a “Take II;” I just hope it’s before Valentine’s Day.  Anyway, I decided to use a chocolate chip recipe from Sugarbaker and it was so good that I ate one without even…

Hot Strawberry Sauce

January 19, 2011 in misc. - 4 Comments

I’ve been meaning to write two posts this past week, but somehow time got away from me.  Maybe it’s because of this:   My little baby.  This was Christmas day with his great-grandma.  He’s six months old now and is a squealing ball of love and fun.  And a time…

Girly Sugar Cookies

January 5, 2011 in cookies - 2 Comments

My sister is in town from Charlotte and she wanted to make some sugar cookies.  How can a big sister say no?  So, I told her to bring my mom over so she could watch the baby (I know, I’m cruel) and we could bake and decorate cookies.  I bought…

Christmas Cookies

December 10, 2010 in cookies, musings - 3 Comments

So I decided I would make homemade presents for friends this Christmas.  And that meant baking something.  So, after thinking for some time about what I wanted to make, I settled on piped sugar cookies.  I made a batch of chocolate ones and a batch of vanilla ones, giving my…

Four Layer Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cake

November 20, 2010 in cakes - No Comments

I made a four layer cake this past week.  Four layers!  What does four layers mean?  Nothing, except there’s more frosting. :)  And to me, frosting is the best part of the cake.  This cake is a vanilla butter cake and has layers of peanut butter buttercream, all encased in chocolate…

I Think I’m in Love

November 10, 2010 in musings - 3 Comments

I haven’t been this in love since I met my husband.  Well, I take that back.  I was in love at first sight with my little, precious baby when he entered the world.  Okay, I have not been this in love in four months.  I feel quite ashamed telling you this,…


November 5, 2010 in bars - No Comments

I love how this dessert sounds.  It just rolls off the tongue and makes you all happy inside.  I came across this recipe in my family cookbook, and reading how easy it was, and the fact that I didn’t need to go to the grocery store to make it, I…

Halloween Party

October 25, 2010 in musings - 1 Comment

So, I had a party yesterday.  It wasn’t my birthday, so I could really enjoy this party.  (Whoever said getting old was fun?)  I made so many desserts it took me all day Friday and Saturday morning to bake them all.  And fortunately, I had the help of my husband, so…

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