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Spring Flowers

I am trying to will spring to come.  Yes, yes, I know it’s officially here, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  There are streaks of sunlight, but it’s quickly gobbled up by ominous clouds and cold rain.  Making spring cookies was my way of letting Mother Nature know that it needs to warm up a bit.  My friend, Carri-Anne, wanted to learn how to make and decorate sugar cookies, so we make the cookies earlier in the week and decorated them on Saturday, while our husbands were supposed to watch Matthew.  He’s such a cute little boy, who wouldn’t want to watch him? lol  This bear came from his great-grandmother.  He looks like he’s ready for some cookies and tea.

This was the first time I decorated flowers, and overall, I like them.  I was trying to go for a Tiffany-blue, but I obviously need to work at mixing my colors.  It is certainly bright! Continue reading


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Whimsical Sugar Cookies

I just love little girl stuff–cute Sunday dresses, lovely butterfly decor, adorable flower headbands.  Every time we are at the store, I longingly look at these things and sigh.  My husband just laughs and says, “Maybe our next kiddo will be a girl.”  Don’t get me wrong; I love my little man and wouldn’t trade him for anything, (balls, trucks, and all!) but there’s just something about little girl stuff that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside and feel that all is right with the world.  That’s how I felt when I saw this scrapbook paper at my craft store.  It’s fun, whimsical, full of bright colors, and has glitter.  Anything with glitter is one of my favorites.  The paper inspired me to decorate some sugar cookies; and maybe someday, to scrapbook a page or two for a little girl–my little girl.   

I made these sugar cookies about two months ago, when the weather was cold, the lure of Christmas was over, and Valentine’s had not yet arrived.  I brought them into my work so Eric and I didn’t eat them all.  Plus, it was the end of the semester, and sugar goodies always help teachers get through grading those last essays and tests. 

These are whimsical flowers, using two square sizes.

Other than the ladybug, I don’t know what you’d call these–swirly? Continue reading


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