Baby Girl Shower

My good friend is having a baby girl soon.  Like in three weeks soon, and I couldn’t be happier for her.  I had the honor of helping host the shower, with my main job being to bring the desserts.  Her colors are pink and green and I spent a while deciding how I wanted to coordinate her colors into the desserts.  After much, much thought, I decided on vanilla cupcakes topped with a light pink vanilla buttercream frosting and a sprinkling of light green sugar pearls. (You can find the recipe for these cupcakes here.)

And for favors for the guests, I made sugar cookies.  (You can find the cookie and royal icing recipes in this lengthy post.)  Here they are all packaged up and ready for the guests to take home.  Lots of pink!  (I have two boys in my house, so pink is not a color I see very often.)

Here’s a close-up of the pink elephants and onesie cookies before I packaged them.

Pink elephants with a green heart…

Marbled onesies and flower onesies…

All but the elephant and onsies are done with clip-art and a kopykake.  I added some light pink disco dust to some of the designs, to give it that extra umph (a.k.a., girly touch).

I liked how these designs turned out, for the most part.  What really bothered me, and I don’t know if there’s an answer to this, (because most of the great cookie decorators have this problem too, to an extent), is why on the small details, there are air-bubbles, and even though I took a toothpick and “pricked” the wet icing, when they dried, they popped.  So frustrating!!  (I know some people believe that you shouldn’t talk about what didn’t go well or turn out how you liked, but since this is a blog about what goes well and what doesn’t, I thought I’d be fully honest.  That’s just who I am, so if you don’t like it…well, tough luck.)

Baby carriage…


Girly bib…


These sugar cookies were so much fun to make and I had a blast creating a wonderful memory for a wonderful friend.  Thanks Carri-Anne for letting me be a part of such a special time in your life.

Now, my next task is to learn how to make a diaper cake like this one.  It is so creative and adorable! xoxo

I’m linking this up over at Tidy Mom’s and Serenity You’s blogs. Come check out all the fabulous-ness! (Yes, I know that’s not a real word, but it fits so perfectly here.)

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Author: holly

Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

18 thoughts

      1. Can you share your cookie recipe please? I have yet to find a great cookie recipe that holds up well for frosting like this!! Thanks so much :)

      2. The sugar cookie recipe I use, and absolutely love, is from the book Cookie Craft. Because it’s a published book, I won’t post the recipe on-line, but you can check it out at any library and at Amazon. Sweetopia has some great sugar cookie recipes as well, as does Sweet Sugar Belle. (Both are blogs.) Good luck!

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