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Star Wars Birthday Party


My baby, Matthew, turned 6 a few weeks ago and insisted on having a Star Wars themed birthday party.  And when I say insisted, it was all he could talk about.  His only restriction: “No Princess Leia!”  This, or course, hurt Grace’s feelings, because that’s the only character she likes.  Sigh…


For the past few years we’ve had his party at our house, but with Matthew getting older, and boys being so active, I decided to have it at a park.  So they could run around.  And pretend they were Star Wars characters.  And just be boys.  And eat lots of food and spill and it doesn’t matter because we’re at a park.






On Amazon, I found this AMAZINGLY HUGE Storm Trooper–like 6 feet amazing.  The morning of the party I sent Eric and the kids out to get it inflated while I stayed home and made cupcakes.  When he came back this was his brief story. Continue reading

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Truffle Cupcakes


This month is literally flying by! I can’t believe that Spring Break is right around the corner.  This means spring is almost here.  This also means my maternity leave ends.  Which is sad for all.  But, it will be nice to get back to work, see my students, and think academically again.  When I left my students in mid-November, I told them I was returning on April 1st, and it wasn’t an April Fool’s Joke.  (My high school students didn’t get it–ahh, the humor is lost on them.)  At the time, it seemed like my break would be for so long, but that too has flown by. 


I actually made these truffle cupcakes around Valentine’s Day, but between preparing lesson plans, working on a quilt for baby Grace’s nursery, (I’ll post that when I finish), and taking care of the ins-and-outs of two little cherubs, these yummy cupcakes didn’t make it out on the blog in time for the big romantic day.  That’s fine; they’re good any time of the year.  To make things easier, I used store-bought truffles, but you can make your own.  Continue reading

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Spring Fondant Cupcake Toppers {tutorial}

I made these cupcake toppers for Courtney, over on her wonderful blog Sweet C’s Design.  Originally, I made them for Easter, but since there’s flowers and other spring-y things on it, I thought I’d post them here too.  They are super easy to make and the best thing about it is that you can make them months ahead of time.  (They will save if stored properly–more on that later.)

To make the toppers, you need the following items:

-fondant (I like the brand Satin Ice, because it actually tastes good—and stored properly, it will last 6+ months) Continue reading


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Easter Cupcake Fondant Toppers {tutorial}

I’m super excited to be doing a guest post over at Sweet C’s Design.  If you’d like to learn how to make these simple fondant toppers, then head on over!


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Rose Cupcakes

Roses are one of my favorite flowers.  In the late spring, one of my favorite things to do is walk around the Rose Garden in downtown Portland.  It’s amazing all the variety of colors and shapes in this one, rather large, garden.  I also like to see which ones are the oldest, (next to the bush there is a plaque with the name, variety, and year it was planted), and it amazes me that the gardeners can keep a few 100-year-old rose bushes alive.  I wish I had that kind of patience with a shrub.  I’m lucky if I can remember to water my indoor plants.  (In in my school classroom, forget about it.  I have fake plants instead.)

That’s why I stick to buttercream roses.  They are a lot less maintenance, and, of course, they’re edible, which in my eyes, makes it that much better.   To make buttercream roses, you’ll need 3 piping bags, red food coloring, and a 1M tip.  And since the flavor is vanilla, use real vanilla extract.  It’s the star of the show, so let the real, intense flavor shine through.  (I love Neilson-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.  It makes the biggest difference!) If you think you’re frosting won’t be white enough, you can tint it white, but I like to just leave it the way it is.  To see a visual tutorial on getting the two-tone coloring, click here. Continue reading


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Baby Girl Shower

My good friend is having a baby girl soon.  Like in three weeks soon, and I couldn’t be happier for her.  I had the honor of helping host the shower, with my main job being to bring the desserts.  Her colors are pink and green and I spent a while deciding how I wanted to coordinate her colors into the desserts.  After much, much thought, I decided on vanilla cupcakes topped with a light pink vanilla buttercream frosting and a sprinkling of light green sugar pearls. (You can find the recipe for these cupcakes here.)

And for favors for the guests, I made sugar cookies.  (You can find the cookie and royal icing recipes in this lengthy post.)  Here they are all packaged up and ready for the guests to take home.  Lots of pink!  (I have two boys in my house, so pink is not a color I see very often.)

Here’s a close-up of the pink elephants and onesie cookies before I packaged them. Continue reading


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Swirl Cupcakes {tutorial}

I love birthday parties.  Talk about fun times!  (You can see that as evidence from here.)  A mom-friend of mine asked me if I could make cupcakes for her daughter’s 5th birthday.

Colors she likes? I asked.  Everything pink and purple, her mom said with a laugh. She’s very girly.

Instead of making her daughter choose pink or purple frosting, I decided to swirl them together.  Our Best Bites had a great tutorial, and it was perfect for this girl’s big day.  It’s really easy to make, and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it earlier!  You need these things:

As well as frosting and coloring.  (I made a vanilla buttercream and almost always use AmeriColor to color my icings.)  Tint the frosting to the coloring you like.  When using buttercream, make sure you don’t overmix it.  When tinting, fold the color into the frosting, as you want to keep it light and fluffy.  Divide the frosting into two and place in separate bowls.

Continue reading

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