Star Wars Birthday Party


My baby, Matthew, turned 6 a few weeks ago and insisted on having a Star Wars themed birthday party.  And when I say insisted, it was all he could talk about.  His only restriction: “No Princess Leia!”  This, or course, hurt Grace’s feelings, because that’s the only character she likes.  Sigh…


For the past few years we’ve had his party at our house, but with Matthew getting older, and boys being so active, I decided to have it at a park.  So they could run around.  And pretend they were Star Wars characters.  And just be boys.  And eat lots of food and spill and it doesn’t matter because we’re at a park.






On Amazon, I found this AMAZINGLY HUGE Storm Trooper–like 6 feet amazing.  The morning of the party I sent Eric and the kids out to get it inflated while I stayed home and made cupcakes.  When he came back this was his brief story.


“Yeah, everyone in the store was staring at me.  One guy asked if the store sold that balloon.  But the weirdest part was putting him [the storm trooper] in the front seat because he wouldn’t fit anywhere else.  That is where I got the funny looks!”  Oh, to be there!  I still laugh every time I think of that storm trooper sitting in the front seat like a real person.  Reminds me of people having various inflatables in the front just to go in the carpool lane.  Bahahaha!


I made Star Wars sugar cookies, which was honestly much harder than I had anticipated.  The cookie cutters weren’t that easy to work with, mainly because I had a hard time getting them out, and my icing was giving me trouble.  (That, I think, was mainly due to the fact that it was 90 degrees the day I decorated the cookies–I have no AC, so my house was getting toasty–and the piping icing wasn’t as stiff as I wanted.)  It didn’t matter in the end, though, because Matthew loved them.


I never know what to do with leftover icing, so I gave it to the kids as art.  If you have good ideas on reusing icing, let me know. I’d love to hear!



We also played three games.  The first was Decorate Your Light Saber.  Eric cut pool noodles in half and we let the kids decorate however they liked using duct and electrical tape.  They had lots of fun whomping on each other and the poor Storm Trooper balloon.  I kept thinking, He’s not a pinata! 



The second one was Star Wars Bingo.  That was a big hit!


The third game was Don’t Drop the Storm Trooper! I used plastic practice golf balls (these one had grooves, like a real golf ball–I’d suggest ping pong balls as they are smooth and easier to draw, but I couldn’t find them at the store) to draw a Storm Trooper face and the kids had to run down and back with the ball on their spoon.



All in all, it was fun day.  I need a weeks’ vacation to rest.  Well, at least a day! xoxo



Storm Trooper Balloon: Amazon

Food Tents: Etsy

Star Wars Bingo: Etsy

Light Sabers: Amazon

Forks, table cloth, plates: Dollar Store

Sugar Cookie Cutters: William Sonoma (borrowed from friend)


Author: holly

Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

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