Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies


Spring has arrived and the weather is finally beginning to warm up.  The sun now sets at a more reasonable hour, which just feels like I have more of an evening.  And people seem genuinely happier this time of year.  Anyone else notice that?


To me, spring doesn’t officially arrive until Easter. It’s like the day ushers in a new beginning.  (And as a Christian, the spiritual significance of this day coinciding with spring is certainly not lost on me.)


As a child, on Easter morning my parents would fill plastic eggs with candy and hide them in the backyard.  Before church, my sisters and I would run around on the soggy grass, (I live in the Pacific Northwest–it always rains), trying to find the eggs without getting our dresses dirty.  And when it was over, as sisters do, we would compare how many eggs each found.  It was grand fun.


A few years ago while shopping at a quilt store, I came across an Easter basket kit, and promptly bought two.  I forgot about it until last week.  Realizing my limited sewing skills, I called in reinforcements, a.k.a. my mom.  And bless her heart, with poorly written directions, she made them for me.  Aren’t they adorable?  (My mom snapped this photo as soon as she finished it.)  I can’t wait for the kids to use it and look forward to their egg hunts like I did as a kid.


Another tradition that I have started some time ago is decorating Easter sugar cookies.  These cookies are similar to some I made a few years back, but I did buy a new cutter–the bunny with the tail. I used sanding sugar to make it look “fluffy.”


They were so fun to make and I enjoyed decorating with the kids.  Matthew and Grace are more abstract artists–they love to pour on the icing in random patterns and sprinkle sugar on top–but really enjoyed themselves, which is the whole reason to make them, right?  (Eric made one too, and I would have snapped a picture, but he ate it before I could.)

Matthew’s and Grace’s sugar cookies, respectively.



If you’re looking for some Easter dessert recipes, feel free to try any one of these.  Happy Easter! Enjoy. xoxo


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Spring Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Easter Sugar Cookies


Author: holly

Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

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