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Halloween Cookies

October 25, 2021 in cookies - 2 Comments - 2 min read

Do you love Halloween? As a kid, it was one of my favorite holidays. The anticipation of all the candy you were going to get made it impossible to sleep the night before. I vividly remember every year when we came home with our stash, my sisters and I would dump our candy out on the living room floor, trading with each other the candies we didn’t love for the ones we did. And then being able to choose just one to each before going to bed. (How is one to decide??) Ahh, to be a kid again.

For my Halloween set this year, I made regular size cookies (3-4 inch cookies) and minis (2 inches). This set took more time than I thought, but I love how they turned out. And, any chance I get to include gnomes in a set, I will. In fact, even though I am not a huge decorator for Halloween, (I do like to decorate for fall though), I bought this inflatable gnome Halloween thing. Ha! Aren’t they cute?

For the cookie set, I wanted something lighthearted and fun. And a little girly, so a touch of pink was included. The purple was a little darker than I wanted, but that’s okay.

The cute little nose is my favorite on this cat.

And of course, you can’t forget the owl and ghost!

Ghosts aren’t so scary when they have pink cheeks and a friendly smile, haha.

Here are the minis. The bat’s my favorite in this set, but I love them all. Minis are just so dang cute.

We bought a house this summer and are excited to take the kids trick-or-treating with the neighbors. The kids are excited to go with friends. And I am sure they will do what I did as a kid. Examine the loot, trade with each other, and eat the biggest piece of candy before going to bed. Whatever you do for Halloween, I wish you a fun and safe evening. xoxo


Thanks for stopping by! I love baking and hope these recipes inspire you to create something wonderful in your kitchen. xoxo

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  • Kathy Peterson October 25, 2021 at 3:22 am

    How do you store the cookies? Can they be frozen? You do such an amazing job — just beautiful craftmanship. I think you have the gene — as do your sisters, mom, and grandma. LOL!

    • holly October 25, 2021 at 8:52 pm

      I put them in a food safe bag (either that I seal or has a sticky side to fold over). If I am freezing them, I’ll then place in a freezer Ziploc bag. I’ve even kept them frozen for a few months. :) You’re so sweet! There was someone at work who was trying to find a home for a baby grand piano. I thought about it for a red-hot minute, then realized it would be collecting more dust than me playing. But made me think of how talented Aunt Ruth, Uncle John, and Cori are!

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